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About Us

Hanhai Holding is a high-tech conglomerate formed by science and technology experts, scholars, overseas graduates, and elites of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, Stanford University, etc. It is headquartered at Galaxy SOHO on Chaoyangmen Street in Dongcheng District and has developed into a multinational conglomerate focused on science and technology park construction.

Overseas Parks

In recent years, under the leadership of the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Beijing Municipal Government as well as focusing on improving the level of specialization, marketization, and internationalization of scientific and technological incubation, the Beijing Hanhai Zhiye Investment Management Group actively builds an international science and technology exchange platform that "draws in" and "goes global", gives full play to its advantages, makes innovation in modes, gathers resources, and carries out cross-border acceleration. In addition, it has established a Sino-US Park, Sino-German Park, and Sino-Canadian Park, thus actively exploring and leading the international development of China's scientific and technological incubators.

Domestic Parks

Hanhai Holding has established five national technology incubators, including the Beijing Huahai Jiye Technology Incubator, the Beijing Hanchao Dacheng Technology Incubator, the Beijing Hanhai Runze Technology Incubator, the Beijing Hanhai Bozhi Technology Incubator, and one Sino-US Business Innovation Center, which has accelerated the scale and agglomeration of high-tech industries and formed a professional, personalized, and diversified technology service system.


The Company invests and establishes a park, and provides quality services to the park, including buildings sales and Hanhai Bridge

Sino-US Business
Innovation Center

The Sino-US Business Innovation Center initiative is backed by China's National Ministry of Science and Technology as well as the Beijing municipal government.