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Parks Introduction

Zhongguancun Hanhai Technology Park is Silicon Valley's first Chinese backed and developed high-tech park. Silicon Valley is a world-renowned magnet for industry leading technology companies and high-end technical talent. Located at 97 Brokaw Road, San Jose, California, the park spans 4.2 acres and has a building area of over 86,000 square feet. Dedicated to promoting the integration of "draw in" and "go global" strategies, the park aims to build a platform for exchanging scientific, technological, cultural insights, in addition to industry leading talent from both China and the US. Leveraging overseas resources to spark new innovations, this next level of intimate cross-boarder cooperation and synergy will be a significant contributor to the continued accelerated growth of Chinese technological advancements, enhancing China's ability to independently innovate and helping to drive the next stage of progressive economic reform in Beijing. Insights gained and partnerships build through this international collaboration platform will help to fuel the next age of Chinese lead technology companies as they push into new markets, facing-off against international competitors and reaching new heights.



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